A Comprehensive Review of VU 4K Smart TV

The launch of VU smart television has created a buzz in the market. This new television is available in different screen sizes. As there are lot of options available, it’s capable of easily grabbing the attention of any aspiring buyer. But the biggest con is the price; it is very high in terms of price. But as we know, Smart TV is a very new technology in the market and so the pricing of this TV is quite justified. VU is offering a huge range of products, which start from diamond stubbed screens to MAC operating system powered TV.  

VU 55 inch 4K smart television is the most famous model in their kitty. From the name itself, we can easily get an idea that it is a 55 inch television, which looks like any top branded TV. The remote is very responsive and easy to operate. Whenever you turn off the TV, the VU logo lights up!

In terms of picture quality, it is good with deep black and sharp edges. It flawlessly plays the 4K videos, which are really very good to look at. The images are a bit faster than the actual video. It is powered by a quad core graphics engine. It is as fast as 0.5x forward as the original video, which is the one of the biggest drawbacks – this needs a bit of tweaking. The audio quality is very good as it is equipped with Dolby sound technology.

Though it is a smart TV, it’s not fully smart. It has several apps installed in it, but there is no option to add any additional app. It can be easily connected with Wi-Fi networks. As it is a smart TV, you can easily browse the net using the TV browser, though it is advisable to purchase a wireless keyboard to get a better experience with typing. VU Smart TV offers the best YouTube video services when there is a minimum broadband speed of 4 MBPS download speed. While watching, this will give you an option to pair with the phone, which makes browsing much easier.

It has inbuilt media player, which is capable to play every type of media file. Though it is equipped with 3D technology, truly speaking it’s not up to the mark. It will not give you the real feeling of 3D. There are several other televisions available, which offer much better 3D experience than this. Though it’s a good try, it has to go a long way to become a mainstream 3D TV.

This TV offers decent 2D to 3D conversation and is capable of handling most types of 3D content.

Now the big question that comes is whether you should buy it or not.

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